Little Kulala

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This desert retreat is situated on the dry Auab riverbed in the Kulala Wilderness Reserve. The 11 climate-controlled, thatched “kulalas” merge seamlessly into the timeless desert landscape, with exquisite fittings and fixtures, and each with a private plunge pool. The extensive use of neutral colours, gorgeous textures and natural light reproduce the soothing pastel tones of the desert. Each villa has a rooftop “skybed” for romantic star gazing, with both indoor and outdoor showers. An elegant entertainment area includes al fresco fine dining as a highlight.

Varied activities aim at acquainting guests with the splendour, solitude and stark beauty of the Namib Desert, with excursions to Sossusvlei (via our own private gate), and nature drives and walks providing awe-inspiring views of desert-adapted wildlife and plants. A balloon safari (at extra cost) offers a unique experience soaring silently above the desert, while eco-sensitive quad biking explores this beautiful area on the ground.

NOTE: Ballooning closed from mid-January to mid-February.



Standard Kulala(s)

There are ten standard kulalas which are made up of seven twin bedded units and three double bedded units. There are four twin bedded guide/pilot units which are much smaller than the standard units.


Family Kulala

There is one family Kulala which can accommodate four guests.



Little Kulala – Visit to Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei

World-famous Sossusvlei is the name of an enormous clay pan, flanked by the famous sand dunes that flush red in the early morning sun – as well as the name of the area in general. Close to the Sossusvlei pan is Dead Vlei, another pan where water once flowed, but now all that remains are the skeletons of trees reach up out of the cracked earth.


Little Kulala – Visit Sesriem Canyon

This fascinating geographical formation is well worth a visit. The result of millions of years where water carved its way into the earth, Sesriem Canyon is today three kilometres long. Views from the top are breathtaking while walks through the canyon reveal distinct geographical layers which were laid down over aeons.


Little Kulala – Nature drives

The 37,000 hectare private Kulala Wilderness Reserve offers visitors exclusive wildlife-viewing opportunities which include the likes of oryx, bat-eared fox, brown hyaena and birdlife. Drinks stops in scenic parts of the reserve are a highlight.


Little Kulala – Walking trails

Walking trails focus on becoming immersed in this remote area, as well as its scenic beauty and the fascinating, and surprisingly, diverse array of insects, reptiles and rodents which make this dry and harsh region their home. The Tsauchab River Trail takes a stroll along a fascinating dry riverbed.


Little Kulala – Guided quad-biking

Eco-sensitive quad-biking through the private Kulala Wilderness Reserve will allow you to take in those incredible views and to catch a glimpse of the denizens of the desert.


Little Kulala – The Sundowner tour

Set out in the late afternoon for a nature drive and complete your excursion in a remote and dramatic spot on the reserve sipping a gin and tonic while watching the sun goes down.


Little Kulala – Scorpion night walks

After dark, another realm of the Namib awakes. Walks reveal some of these captivating critters such as dancing white lady spiders and scorpions which fluoresce under UV lights.


Little Kulala – Star bed

Sleep out under the starry starry skies of the Namib and be lulled to sleep by the sounds of Africa on the roof or your unit.


Little Kulala – Star gazing

The Namib is known for its clear night skies, and with no light pollution it is the ideal spot from which to learn about the incredible formations of the stars and planets. Our guides are also known to dabble in astronomy and will guide you through the constellations while our telescope will allow you to look closer.


Little Kulala – Balloon safaris

The balloon safari on the Kulala Wilderness Reserve offers a truly unique experience to soar silently above the magnificent sand dunes and desert, with a champagne breakfast being served at your landing site. This activity is at additional cost and is closed from 15 January to 15 February.


Little Kulala – Horse riding safari

Ride through some of the most spectacular and unusual scenery on the planet on well-schooled horses. Watch the sun go down at a beautiful spot while sipping a drink and then canter back under the stars in time for dinner. This activity is at additional cost and on request.


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Little Kulala
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Little Kulala
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