Desert Rhino Camp

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Desert Rhino Camp offers an original and exclusive wilderness experience and the possibility of seeing some of the largest free-ranging population of desert-adapted black rhino in Africa. The camp, set in a wide valley sometimes flush with grass, has eight comfortable Meru-style tents with en-suite bathrooms. A tented dining and living area and plunge pool offers uninterrupted views of the desert and mountains, while extraordinary welwitschia plants dot the plain in front of camp.

Activities include rhino tracking on foot and by vehicle with Save the Rhino Trust trackers (an NGO responsible for the conservation of the black rhino in the area), full-day outings with a picnic lunch, birding and nature drives. Other species seen in the area include Hartmann’s mountain zebra, giraffe, elephant and lion. Desert Rhino Camp is run in conjunction with Save the Rhino Trust so in addition to gaining amazing insight into the ecology and conservation of this area, a portion of guest revenue goes to the Trust and its conservation operations.



Desert Rhino Camp – Standard Tents

There are eight standard tents which are made up of six twin bedded tents and two double bedded tents. There is one twin guide/pilot room which smaller than a standard tent.



Desert Rhino Camp – Rhino tracking on foot and by vehicle

We typically set out in the morning on game drive vehicles, behind the Save the Rhino trackers, who keep records on where and when previous rhino were seen. This enables them to track the rhino, although due to the vast terrain we sometimes drive long distances to view them. Once we have located an animal, tracking by foot can take place depending on the position or location of the rhino.


Desert Rhino Camp – Game Drives

Game drives showcase the magnitude of the landscape and offer the best possibilities of seeing desert-adapted wildlife including rhino, elephant, giraffe, antelope, zebra and maybe even the area’s predators.


Desert Rhino Camp – Guided nature walks

Learn more about the smaller flora and fauna that live in this incredibly harsh environment. Adaptation to the desert environment is the miracle of all that survives here.


Desert Rhino Camp – Full day outings with picnic lunch

Travel amongst rolling, rocky hills with scattered euphorbia, ancient welwitschia plants, scrubby vegetation and isolated clumps of trees through the 450 000-hectare Palmwag Concession and search out the fascinating desert-adapted wildlife of the region.


Desert Rhino Camp – Birding

Birding enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the diverse avifauna found in the Palmwag Concession. Key species to look out for include Rüppell’s korhaan, Benguela long-billed lark and possibly Herero chat with some focused searching. Verreauxs’ eagle is often sighted around rocky hillsides.


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Desert Rhino Camp
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Desert Rhino Camp
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